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My name is Sofia, I'm twenty-one and Sicilian, but you wouldn't know it by looking at me. Parlo un po' d'italiano, e seguo quattro corsi d'italiano nel mio primo due anni all'universita. I want to visit Italy SO bad, but alas I am too poor.

I really enjoy my taste in music, doodling, and making powerpoints. I'm in my third year at a University in Michigan to become a Special Education teacher. I have three years to go; one year of classes and two years of teaching assisting/student teaching (one year in a gen ed classroom, one year in a spec ed classroom). I tutor two gen ed 3rd graders in reading, one spec ed 2nd grader in math, and volunteer in two ASD classrooms 2 days a week at a local elementary school. I'm also a waitress at a pub, which pays the bills.

I'm currently in the library on campus "doing my child development project." aka, posting to livejournal.

Most of my rl friends are male. I don't mind most of the time. But I do love having female lj friends to escape all the testosterone and messy apartments.

My roommates drive me crazy.
I collect anything that is an owl/has an owl on it.
My favorite color is purple.
Besides being a teacher, my most ambitious goal in life is to travel, travel, travel!
My favorite 'old' TV show is Friends, and my current favorite TV show is The Tudors.
I'm minorly obsessed with Jonathan Rhys Meyers because he's gorgeous, and Kate Winslet because she's brilliant.
I post a lot of photos, because I'm obsessed with taking them.
I have one tattoo of three birds on my hip; it looks like henna, and I adore it.
I've been on lj for 5 years.
With a computer in front of me, I can get off-task for hours at a time.

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