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*Age:  19.  I'll be 20 May 17th.
*Sex:  Female
*Location: Louisiana

*I'm looking for
: LJ Friends, AIM buddies.. all that fun stuff
*My hobbies are:  internets, texting, reading, playing video games, writing,
*My favorite style of music is: rock, metal.. really random indie nonsense.
*My favorite bands are: at the moment, MSI, Deftones, Dog Fashion Disco

*My obsessions:
Cartoons! (Chowder, Flapjack, Spongebob.. I'm really 7)  Horror movies. Kitties and puppies.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  All things geeky.  Coffee.  Weird Al.  Alice in Wonderland

*A few words about my personality:
hmm quirky, shy, spookydoom (ask!), random, smartass, geeky.. I was the weird kid in school that has her own group of friends and I was [and am!] completely okay with that [=

*A few words about my family:
I just moved 5 hours away from my mom to start my own family.  My dad passed when I was around 13.  My mom and I are really close.

*A few words about my friends: They are the complete opposite of me (IRL) when they are female.  My best friend is really outgoing and in person I tend to be quiet.  I get along better with males rather than females, but I really want more female friends.

*A few words about my school/college/job:
For the most part I am a housewife but occasionally I do some work for my mother-in-law.  It lets me keep my hair color, piercings, the way I dress and I have a ton a job security.

*Tell us how you found this community.  Friends of course.
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