xmadeofstonex (xmadeofstonex) wrote in friends_search,

 Hi, I'm Calx, or whatever, it's not my real name, (suprise! xD) But I like to stay anomonys, since I share some preeetty private info in my journal. But if we got to know each other really well, and so on, I'd probably tell you my real name, 'cause I seriously think Calx sounds like a Drag Queen or sumthin'. s:
But I'm a 14year old girl, from Denmark, which likes Anime, Manga, Mmorpg games, hanging out with friends, watching tv and uhm.. Reading, yeah, love books. xD 
I love Japanese stuff, and I want to travel to Tokyo as soon as possible. I like tees and skinny jeans, and I'm currently trying to lose weigh, so that the skinny jeans will look good on me, haha. oo' 
And uhm.. I love cookies, cake, cupcakes, candy.. Mmh.. x3
Ay, okay, focus. Well, I'm looking for some friends in here, who's gonna' know this side of me, because all of my other friends only know my facade, and.. Yea.. Only one person in my real life, knows about the stuff behind my facade. 
Well, anywaaaay.. Write please! :D
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